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All Sorts Of Men

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“All Sorts of Men”

Lucy Hutchinson’s poem entitled “All Sorts of Men” is an instructive poem written by a respectable, well-educated woman in the middle of the seventeenth century. The persona that authors this piece is quite similar to the poet herself and may express the same views as she. These views are explicative of the lifestyles present in contemporary society and how they should be modeled. The persona is commendatory of the lifestyle she is promoting in this work. She is also condescending about that which she does not condone yet, her language remains eloquent and not insulting as she expresses her views on the matter. This virtuous characteristic of restraint lends itself to the poet’s presumed personal position as an educated woman who is respectful of her situation in society and the proper way to express her views.
The way the poet conveys herself to her audience is also indicative as to the make up of the latter. The persona is a woman and it can be determined by the way she presents herself to her audience as well as the topic of her contention that she is speaking to men from her own social class. She is addressing all men who have the opportunity to be in the situations that she presents during the course of her instruction. The men in her audience are wealthy and have a desire for money, power, and happiness. The author also concludes that many of these men are pursuing the ends in the most unfortunate manner. She has occasion to speak to these men because of this matter. The poet feels it is necessary because they are living their lives improperly and are not maximizing their enjoyment of life.
The poet’s central purpose in writing ’All Sorts of Men” is to enlighten men with how they may have all the wealth, power, and happiness they desire in life. She intends to correct the behavior the persona finds too prevalent in the contemporary society by replacing it with a more app...

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