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The 5 Minute Battle

A sharp ringing resounds in my head
As I realize I’m not lying in my bed
At the best episode of a reverie.
The teacher strides by striking me
In the head with that wretched weapon
She wields by her side to beckon
All scholars who have fallen deep
Without effort into an oppressive sleep.
I leap to my feet and fly to the door
Attempting to beat the crowd wondering evermore
From class to class never halting to rest
As Moses and his nation roaming to discover their nest.
Eking along at a miserable eight feet per minute
I panic in the realization of a lacking time limit.
As I rush down the hall mimicking an untamed river
An ignorant freshman stands frozen beginning to quiver.
The masses consume him and I
My heart longs to rise up and fly
Up and over the mob. My first destination
Comes into sight, to reach it requires fierce determination!
As I warily whirl the wheel
Seeking three consecutive numbers, I feel
A sudden great waft to my extended wing
Similar to that the giant felt coming from David’s sling.
Breathlessly I scurry to recover from the clout.
“One minute left!” A nearby straggler did shout.
Teachers commence to hiss
At the lovers yearning for one last kiss.
I round the bend and break into a sprint!
For my next over-zealous teacher will not show a hint
Of grace towards those who lose the five minute battle
Against those students lingering like cattle.
The last few seconds flutter by
Five minutes is all but over, I can’t afford to be shy.
Pushing, pulling, jumping, scratching, lunging,
I skate over the threshold into the classroom, gasping
For air I plummet into my chair in time to hear
The jingle of that tardy bell ringing in my ear....

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