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In the original “Eugene Onegin” was written in Russian by A.S. Pushkin. Pushkin was a famous Russian writer known for such novels as “Queen Of Spades”, “Belkin Tales”, “Eugene Onegin”, such poems as “Ruslan and Ludmila”, “Tzar Sultan”, and many others which greatly influenced the 19th century literature of the Russian culture. There were four translations during 125 years since Pushkin’s death. From the early age Pushkin lived in the highest Russian social and intellectual circles. He was educated in Tzarskoe selo where he was prepared to take on high responsibilities. Pushkin’s aristocratic background was reflected on Eugene Onegin. Just Onegin Pushkin was engaged in dancing, gambling and dueling. However, in the end of the first chapter, Pushkin pointed out that even though he applied some characteristics of his own to the Eugene’s character, Onegin was not drawn from Pushkin’s self. They are two different individuals that should not be compared.
In the first chapter, Onegin was taking care of his sick uncle, who was at the death’s door. He set next to his bed every day and night, brought him medicine, spoke to him and just made him feel better. Onegin soon left his home and went to Saint Peterburg. In the city Onegin began to party, went to theaters, balls and lived his life in his pleasure. Throughout the whole chapter, everybody around thought very well of Onegin and respected him. He seemed intelligent, smart and delicate. Many women were interested in Eugene, many admired him. He liked to capture women’s attention and liked to be noticed. He delicately flirted with women making them smile. However, for Eugene, women’s attention and admiration was only a game, and all of them were

short, by passing romances.
In the end of the first chapter, Onegin get’s an epistle from his home which says that his uncle is dying and wants to say his last words of good ...

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