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Many immigrants came and still continue to come to America. People came to America because of its freedom and all the opportunity. Many immigrants left their country because they couldn’t get a job, didn’t like the rules that they were forced to live under, or because they were being persecuted. Immigrants came to America to get away from all their difficulties and to start a new life in when they arrived in the US; unfortunately they also found a new set of difficulties.
Many genres of literature and films have immigration as their main topic. An example is in the two poems “Immigrants” one by Pat Mora and the May Flower circulation poem by Robert Frost.
Pat Mora’s poem is about how immigrants who came over and try to make their children as American as they can. They are so anxious for them to be a part of the American society. For example the first two lines are: “wrap their babies in the American flag, feed them mashed hot dogs an apple pie.” She used these lines in her poem to express that immigrant parents fed their children American food and taught them to love the country. Even though the parents wanted there kids to be just like normal Americans, they still wanted them to know their own culture. This is shown in line 9, “whisper in Spanish or Polish”. This shows that even though parents wanted their children to be adapted to American culture, they still spoke in their native language so their kids do not forget their nationality.
Another example of a piece of literature that has immigrants, as the main topic is a poem by Robert Frost also called “Immigrants”. This poem is about how immigrants kept coming over to America. For example the second line is “ have gathered people to us more and more”. This means that the US attracted more and more people, so more people emigrated over. Another line of the poem reads: “but Pilgrim manned the May Flower in a dream”. This tells us that ...

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