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Goblin Market

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Reader Response on “The Poor Singing Dame” By: Mary Robinson

I choose the poem, “The Poor Singing Dame” because I saw the revelance it has in today society. We have citizens who are still being controlled by our rich society. In fact, we still believe in hero’s that steal from the rich and give to the poor. Also, being a woman I can relate to the relationship between the man’s jealouse of happy woman.

I like the poem because it’s interesting to know that in our complex world we still have simple problems like they did in the early 1800’s. The morale of the story is, what goes around comes around in other words karma. In the poem, it is the hauting of nature and his conscience that gets the jealouse Lord back and eventually leads to his demise.

The story line also represents to me a rich Lords jealousy of a peasant woman’s happiness. It makes me notice the idea that this world is not a woman’s world. It seems for as long as men and women have existed there has always been a higher power bestowed in men. To me, I think that I get the idea of men having this special power because a woman worte this poem.Overall I enjoyed the poem. It definently opened my eyes to the way that life really is....

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