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Beowulf, English’s oldest poem, depicts a story of a struggle of good and evil. The second half of Beowulf begins with a certain thief who has broken into the lair of the great guard-dragon and has stolen a precious gem. This single act sent the dragon parading his anger throughout, spitting fire over the entire town. Many homes were destroyed including the home of the famed Beowulf. Angered over this intentional act of violence, Beowulf swims across the vast sea to confront the dragon. Dressed in his battle armor, Beowulf enticed the dragon by yelling into his deep earth-cave. The dragon ascended from his den, spitting balls of fire everywhere. Standing his ground, Beowulf prepared for battle. The fight started and the dragon seemed to be prevailing. With one great strike, the dragon was clinched onto Beowulf’s body with a death grip. To aid his lord, Wiglaf entered the fight, sinking his sword deep in the back of the dragon. Beowulf seized the opportunity and stabbed the dragon on the underside with his dagger. Beowulf’s stab proved to be the deathblow for the dragon. Unfortunately, the dragon did not die before leaving his mark on history. The bite inflicted by the dragon to Beowulf was also a death wound. Realizing his hours of life were short, Beowulf ordered Wiglaf to go and gaze upon the treasures hidden in the dragon’s cave. Obeying his order, Wiglaf entered the den to find many wonderful treasures. Wiglaf took a few items back for Beowulf to see. Upon his return, he found Beowulf very near death. Beowulf gave kingship to Wiglaf and ordered a great barrow to be built for his grave. The story concludes with many great warriors circling Beowulf’s pyre, praising what a great king, warrior, and leader he was....

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