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I Infect Your Soul

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My darkness fades from view
And enters deep into you
I infect your soul
Let my darkness swallow you whole
You are part of my dreams
I am the precursor to your screams
I engulf your spirit
And take you to the limit
Taking you over the edge
Leaving you dangling on the ledge
To jump and die
Go on, pretend you can fly
Let me watch you fall to the ground
I will watch with joy unbound
Let me take away your life
Let me hand you this sharpened knife
End it all
And beware the fall
Deep down into my dark black hole
I am the keeper of your poor lost soul
Come join with me
Embrace me
Clutch me to your breast
Let my dark magic do the rest
We are the terrors that fly in the night
There is no point in putting up a fight
Let us entwine
Your wretched soul is mine
Let us again embrace
And leave behind this damned human race
Your body is nothing but an empty shell
Your soul belongs with me in Hell
I infect your soulLet my darkness swallow you whole...

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