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Frog A Prince

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Most people know about the story of the Frog who is kissed by a princess and becomes a prince. This fairytale is interesting and wonderful to surprised children. The poem called “ The Frog Prince” by writer by Robert Pack alludes to this tale. This is an interesting poem I find out in our book because it is interesting as well as easy to understand. Author Robert Pack writes down several books of poem. This type of poem is a sonnet, because it has 14 lines. It is divided by four different groups. Each group has meaning and usually first three groups talk about story and problems. The fourth group indicates the problem’s solution. This sonnet is a love story.

In this poem the author talks about in first group (first four lines) about how the beautiful princess surprises herself that how it could be possible that frog could have a sweet and gentle body of a prince. How can princess tell that this frog is going to change into a prince? So in first four lines, the author uses some nouns that help to make a little rhythm. Like the words “frame” and “name”. Then in the next four lines, the author uses “wonder” and “under” to make a pattern of development. And in the next four lines he uses “read” and “bad” to connect each other’s meaning. . The author says the “frog’s cold frame” that make us wonder if the frame looks like in books or like the real frog she is holding. Also that girl doesn’t even know the name of that prince. Because it was a frog right before was replaced by a prince. There is one more line of note: “she too, in/ Her way, had been transformed under/ Those clean sheets ?” It makes us think what author wants to say. From the fairytale’s perspective, the princess kisses the frog and that is how the frog transformed into a prince, but here the author talks about how under those clean sheets, the frog is replaced by a prince. The author is clear about it what he was t...

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