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I sit here and think of all my desires, I think of all the things that have burned in fires as the smoke rises I see my past every thing I see never seems to last its painful to see what I’ve lost and in the end his life is what it cost my friend he said he was he said he would be there he said he cared but all he left me was his teddy bear I repeated those words back as I watched him die, and every memory make me cry Zeteo alethes: those memories are like the tears that roll down my cheek never ending for him I seek Bizkitwolf1: the last memory I have of my friend Dave, is when he was lowered into his grave Zeteo alethes: deeper and deeper I watched him fall farther and farther I seemed from it all
Bizkitwolf1: and before the coffin was covered by all the brown dirt, with him was buried a picture of him and I on my favorite t-shirt Zeteo alethes: that t-shirt I wore all through out school I treated like a jewel and when it went into the ground my life felt like it had been bound Bizkitwolf1: that night as I lay down to sleep, I held his teddy bear close and remembered all the good times we had, riding around in his jeep Zeteo alethes: there were days that we would drive so far but first we always stopped at the local bar our responsibilities we through out the window never looking back never to slow Bizkitwolf1: then one day after the bar, we took off in the jeep, this time we had gone too far Zeteo alethes: our friends and families we had left behind kind was not on our mind Bizkitwolf1: with no concern for safety, we forgot to buckle, I never thought that it would be the last time I would see him chuckle Zeteo alethes: he had laughed at this joke I knew wasn’t funny and as he chuckled he saw this bunny Bizkitwolf1: we swerved out of the way, and as I looked at Dave I had nothing to say, until I saw the truck, I knew that was the end of our luck Zeteo alethes: flashes of my life passed before my eyes as we hit the truck I tho...

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