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Borges And I

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The theme in Borges’ Borges and I is double personality. Throughout the work Borges seems to be describing himself as a normal person and as his true self, the writer. He has a problem with this other man who he describes. In the end Borges lets him self-go and shows us the writer.
In the beginning of the poem Borges gives us insight into what he likes then wittingly states, “the other man shows these likes” This means that he possibly sees himself as two different people that like the same things. He then says “but in a showy way that turns them into stagy mannerisms” that is implying that he maybe has a problem with this other man.
In the middle of the writing Borges tells us how he “lets myself live, so that Borges can weave his tales and poems” meaning Borges the normal person is letting his desire for being a writer free.
Towards the end of the work Borges is completely writing out of the view of himself, the writer. He ends the work with “which of us is writing this page I don’t know” that is clearly a comment of his ability of writing in another person. Borges could possibly have a mild case of schizophrenia, which actually enhances his writing....

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