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Do You?

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Do you hear the quietness of a true friendship, as we are able to just sit there and speak no words and feel as though we have had the best conversation of all time?

Do you feel the warmth of your tears when hard times have been endured, and in an instant the hand that’s always there to hold yours dries them away.

Your eyes they seem a-glow when we are sharing laughter, and it brings me a sense of warmth just knowing that I can make a difference in someone’s life.

Your smile is so big and bright and oh how it lights the way letting me know that everything will be all right.

You know my thoughts, fears, hopes, and aspirations, you have heard of all my trials and tribulations you have been there to witness my faults and yet you are still there a true friend when in need.

You have given me secureness in my life that has left me with the feeling that I could conquer any obstacle that life hands me.

and I hope that you will always remember when rough times arise you will never be alone for I will always be by your side to help lift the weight of the world off your shoulders....

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