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Catch The Vision

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Catch the Vision

“I’m the child they stole from the sand three hundred years ago in Africa’s land.”
-Langston Hughes

Three hundred years ago in America before man could fly, women could vote or anyone ever walked on the moon, blacks were enslaved. They were brought to American in slave ships by the thousands. Their families were ripped apart, there way of life, their culture, everything the knew was taken away from them and they were cast into this strange new land. For the next two hundred or so years blacks in America were not free. During this time it was against the law to educate a slave for it was said that “an educated slave was a danger to society but an ignorant one was only a danger to himself.” But because they had a vision of freedom, for their children and their children’s children for generations to come, they kept fighting. After years of struggling blacks finally received their freedom, but no one ever said freedom meant equality. Blacks endured “separate but equal” laws that forbade them from attending the same schools, sitting on the same seats or even drinking from the same drinking fountains as whites. But thanks to the visions of some of America’s greatest hero’s like Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks and the warriors who became known as The Little Rock Nine the vision of equality became a reality. Today more than ever blacks in America are truly catching the vision.

“Now through my children young and free I’m realizing the blessings denied to me”
-Langston Hughes

I come from a small family; it’s just my mother my brother and myself, my father left before I even remember. My mother has done her best to raise us. She never had a chance to go to college and is just now going back as age 40. She has instilled in my brother and me the importance of getting an education and how many of our people have died, endured ridicule and fought so that I can attend any institution I set ...

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