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Beowulf’s epic is the story of a great Pagan warrior who is known for his strength, courage and dignity but unlike Gilgamesh and Sir Gawain, Beowulf does not start off well known. While Beowulf is in Geatland, where he is the king of the Geats, he hears of King Hrothgar’s struggle with Grendle in Denmark. Grendle, the pagan monster who lives in the swamplands, is terrorizing the Danes every night, killing them and easily defeating their efforts to fight back. Inspired by the challenge, Beowulf travels to Denmark with fourteen Geats to help Hrothgar defeat Grendle. Hrothgar accepts Beowulf’s offer and holds a feast for him where he boasts about his accomplishments and his strength. At this point Beowulf’s hubris sets in and his downfall begins. He then goes on to beat kill Grendle with his bare hands where he continues to brag about his strength and ability to win a battle without weapons. “The lord of the Geats made good to the East-Danes, the boast he had uttered: he ended their ill. And all their sorrow they suffered long, and needs must suffer a foul offense”. This describes how grateful the Danes are when Beowulf ends their suffering by killing Grendle. After Beowulf defeats Grendle he rips off his arm and presents it in mead-hall where it is hung as a trophy of victory and Beowulf is showered with gifts and songs of praise....

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