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I'm A Fool

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The short story entitled I’m a Fool, written in the early nineteen hundreds by Sherwood Anderson is rather interesting to me. Andy is very simple. He is not educated and believes that he is over looked due to his physical appearance. At the start of the story, he seems as if he has a short fuse. He talks about wanting to harm the kid that took the paper job and he also wants to prove himself to the fellow with the cane in the bar because he was dressed nicely. He thinks that education is of no importance in life and disagrees with is mother and sister on this issue.
I think that the overall moral of the story is that no matter how hard life is, education is just a piece of the puzzle of life and with out it life can get sticky. At the end of the story he gets involved with a girl he feels strongly about and realizes that being a swipe is nothing to brag about. He decides at this point to lie about his life and for that he feels ashamed. I believe that the overall moral of the story has something to do with the idea that here he decides to give up the swiping and meets a girl that he feels could be the one, but due to his own inability to deal with the pressure of the yaps. He decides to drink some whiskey and uses that as his reason for lying about who he is exactly, as well as, being ashamed of who he is because of what he has done in the past. At the end of the story he said that he explains about how he feels mad, sad, and happy all at the same time due to the situation he has caused just by telling a lie. Now he believes he has lost his chance to be with this women. Life now to him is meaningless.
I read the story three times and it still confuses me in a sense that, it seems to be choppy from detail to detail. He never really tells you about the man with the cane in the grandstands. Was it the same guy from the bar that he was so rude to? Why does he feel as though there is no other work he can do? I believe he is looking for a...

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