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An Interesting Outlook On The Age Of The World

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An Interesting Outlook on the Age of the World

In “Physics, Chapter VIII,” Aristotle presents the argument that motion is eternal. I will begin by explaining the argument. I will then develop my objections against this, consider a possible response, and then discuss which view I believe to be right.
The argument that Aristotle presents explains why he believes motion to be eternal.
It follows as stated:
1. Motion exists.
2. By having motion, there has to be something that moves it.
3. Through motion, the world moves.
4. Something that moves is eternal.

5. Therefore, motion is eternal.

I have presented Aristotle’s argument in the standard form by using Modus Ponens. He acknowledges the fact that motion exists. He also says that in order to have motion, you have to have something that is capable of being moved. In this, meaning—in order to have motion, there has to be something that moves it. The world moves through motion and something that moves is eternal. Therefore, Aristotle is able to say motion is eternal by means of movement of the world.
Although Aristotle presents a valid argument, I would have to disagree with the fourth premise. If something that moves is eternal, one can raise the question of an object such as a basketball or baseball being applied to this premise. A basketball is something that is capable of being moved when a force is applied to it. However, this does not mean that a basketball is eternal. Not everything that moves may be eternal. The wind, for example, is a particular kind of motion. Although it moves, there is not always a necessary element that accompanies it. However, with a basketball, there must be a force applied to it in order for it to move. I cannot ignore that a basketball does in fact move. Keeping in mind its movement, we must conclude that it is eternal. However, if a basketball lost all of its air, it might not be eternal anymore.
A possib...

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