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Are Warewolves Real

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Are Werewolves Real?

The Morbach Monster

Have you ever heard of the Morbach Monster?
I first learned of the legend while I was stationed at Hahn Airforce Base, Germany. Morbach was a munitions site just outside of the villiage of Wittlich.
Supposedly Wittlich is the last town where a werewolf was killed. There is a shrine just outside of town where a candle always burns. Legend has it that if the candle ever goes out the werewolf will return.
One night a group of security policemen were on the way to their post at Morbach, when they noticed that the candle was out at the shrine, and all joked about the monster.
Later that night alarms were received from a fence-line sensor. When the security policemen investigated the call one of them saw a huge "dog-like" animal stand up on its back legs, look at him, and jump over the 7 1/2 foot chain-link fence. A military working dog was brought to the area where the creature was last seen, and the dog went nuts, not wanting anything to do with tracking the creature.
This occured around 1988.
Another eye-witness account reads as follows: "I was stationed at Hahn Air Base, Germany, from May 1986 to August 1989 as a security policeman, and it was my group that witnessed the Morbach Werewolf. Whoever told you the story about the monster that you put on your website had very accurate information. The creature that we saw was definitely an animal and definitely dog or wolf like. It was about seven to eight feet tall, and it jumped a twelve-foot security fence after taking three long leaping steps."...

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