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Aegean: The Lengend Of Atlantis

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World History
Aegean: The Lengend of Atlantis

After being presented with facts from the movie, 'Aegean: The Legend Of Atlantis', and reading some information out of the text book, I have came to the conclusion that I do believe that the ancient city of Troy, the cilization of the Minoans and Thera existed but however do not believe the city of Mycenae existed. In the following paragraphs below I would like to present some persuasive facts and summarize why I believe that existed the ancient city of Troy, the cilization of the Minoans and Thera and the city of Mycenae did not.
First I would like to begin with discussing the ancient city of Troy. Some facts that I believed to be interesting and percussive are summarized here: Troy the ancient city was the scene of the fabled battle of the Trojan war were the Greeks battled the city of Troy, only to win by a matter of brain not braun. As fabled in the epic by Homer, Greek soldiers tricked the Trojans to let them in their gates by hiding in a wooden horse and waiting until the town was asleep to attack. All though no evidence as been found of the large wooden horse a lot of the objects described by Homer were uncovered. Some artifacts were uncovered by a man named Heinrich Schliemann and his wife in the 1870s. Such as the large city walls of Troy, that were beautifully described by Homer in detail, a Greek coin reading the word "Troy" when translated and what was believed to be the priceless treasure of Primus, believed to be the jewels of the legendary Helen of Troy.
After reading and considering this evidence I came to the conclusion that the city of Troy did in fact exist, even though the poet Homer who was credited for the story was blind and there in fact could not see the walls of Troy, I still hold my ground in believing this city was not a myth but an empire or great historical meaning. The fact that really persuaded me was that the huge walls, that I believe to be the...

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