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Are DJ’s True Artists

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Are DJ’s True Artists, and How Have
They Effected American Music?

The crowd cheers and pushes their way closer to the Disc Jockey (DJ) booth, and the lights start to lower in anticipation for the music that will lead their night. The DJ leaves the backstage and makes his way towards the 4 Technic turntables, 2 Pioneer CD players, 3 Pioneer mixers, and 2000 vinyl records from various genres. He slips on his Sony MDR-V700 headphones and places his first vinyl record on the turntable to his left. Sliding it back and forth under his fingers to find the first beat of the song, he lets go and slides the cross-fader towards that table. The crowd goes crazy as the first beat pounds through the speakers into their bodies. Glow sticks are now being waved, break-dancing boys/girls (b-boys/b-girls) are breakin’ out their moves, and the DJ has started his next vinyl in motion. Matching the next song’s beat to the song currently being played, the DJ can now play both songs at the same time. With songs playing simultaneously, the DJ can now trade beats, create new sounds, and control treble, mid, and bass. After transferring from vinyl to vinyl, the DJ puts down a special record for scratching. This record will have certain phrases, sounds, and voices, made specifically for scratching. By manipulating the sounds on the record, the DJ can create new sound effects, stutter sentences, and even create a sentence from two records. The crowd doesn’t even know how he does it, but that doesn’t matter, he keeps them dancing all night long to the beats of the vinyl.
This story happens every night across the world as DJs use their talent in creating an atmosphere for dance. They know what to play, when to play it, and how to play it. Records are their tools, whether used at a club, rave, hip-hop show, or turntable competition. DJ’s create music and express other artist’s music in a one time original form.
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