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Angie Martinaz

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Music appreciation

Last week I was invited to Las Vegas .My mom doesn’t get to see

me that much since I went to collage and I thought I needed a vacation. I was just

expecting to see my friend and have a little fun too. When I arrived my mom

informed me that she had to take an important client to dinner and that see was not

going to get to spend as much time with me as expected. So I called one of my

friend and we went out.

When I arrived my friend was all excited because by chance she won two tickets to this Latin band that was playing at Huntrige Theater. I said ok and we went. When I got there I was not sure what to expect because I really am not in to Latin music but my friend Mary was. Her whole family including her was from Mexico City and where she is from they listen to this music all the time, so I decided to give it a chance.

The audience mostly spoke Spanish and I had a sudden feeling I just took a one way flight to Mexico. The cretins opened and there stood two guys playing the bongo drums really fast in a repetitive fashion ,it was exciting to see this culture to express there self. Then gracefully came out the girl of the hour Miss Angie Martinez. She was very flamboyant but at the same time she want a sore cite on the eyes ether. She started to sing a couple of bars in Spanish and the started to kind of raped the song in English. I was blown a way how she mixed this to cultures and styles of music together.

The concert kept getting more amazing after each set and then she started to play a song that kind of sounded familiar . I realized that I know who this performer was the whole time. She gained her fame in the hip pop community for singing the hook on this rapper Fat Joes, Neptune produced hit, ‘Mamacita’ she was awesome. Then to the audiences...

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