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“Should the government forbid tobacco and alcohol advertising or not?”

The whole world is fighting with smoking and alcohol drinking. The front side of this contest is to decrease the impact of the environment to our craving to smoking and drinking. Advertising plays a big role in influencing on our preferences. At this point the government can downsize the impact of advertisements on people, especially on teenagers. But what will happen to tobacco and alcohol producing companies, to mass media companies, if the government forbids advertising on TVs, newspapers, and radio? In my point of view tobacco and alcohol advertisements should be permitted, but should be controlled by laws and by some restrictions.
What will happen if government forbids that kind of advertisements?
Firstly, tobacco and alcohol producing companies are going to suffer. They won’t be able to convey marketing properly, to promote their brands. That will lead to losses in terms of incomes and many employees working in those industries will be fired, that will hurt many families. Also the quality of products will go down because there will be less quality control and research and development.
Secondly, mass media companies are going to suffer and as result TV spectators, newspaper readers, radio listeners will suffer too. It’s in a practice that when the companies are under pressure of the government and have losses, the side that suffers more is final customers due to higher prices and lower quality. The income of mass media companies comes from advertising. The bigger the amount of advertisements the better information, films, soap operas, sports we watch, the better news we read, the better music we listen.
In conclusion, I want to say that removing tobacco and alcohol advertisements won’t solve the problem. If the government wants to reduce the impact of the society on teenagers then it should also forbid their parents to smoke. But it is stupid...

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