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Advertisement Paper

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Dating or Active.
The Tale of Two Deodorants
Deodorant is something that's a must. No matter what, underarms are going to sweat. So advertisers have to be very clever in creating advertisements for their products to make consumers think that the product they are trying to sell is the best. The ads for Secret and Soft and Dri use word play, color and people to get their points across.
The ad for Secret is clearly targeting teens, who are dating. By showing a nice place, with teens sitting at a booth, advertisers give a usual setting for an after school hangout. The background is a soft sky blue, the same color as on the secret deodorant tube. There is a white light hanging from the ceiling, resembling the white ball at the bottom of the tube of deodorant. The white table is almost a heart shape to give way to the romance scene in the ad. The first couple sitting in the booth is both black haired and is wearing khaki colored tops to show that they are a true couple. They are making out paying no attention to the other two couples. There is a vanilla milkshake sitting on the table in front of them. They obviously haven’t had any of it because it looks full. The second couple is the main part of the ad. Everything about them is different. The girl has blonde hair and is resting her arm on the back of the booth. If you look at the ad you can tell she is uncomfortable, because she is playing with her hair and looking off with nothing to do or say. Her male friend is brown haired with blonde streaks, he is sitting with his arms glued to his sides to show that he is sweating. He is looking over at the first couple like he doesn’t know what is going on. They both are having shirley temples of their own. The last couple is sitting there hugging and kissing. They are sharing a chocolate milkshake. The slogan at the bottom of the ad reads, “Uncomfortable? Keep it a Secret.”
The Soft and Dri ad shows a young woman doing...

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