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“I’d like a Beefeater Martini Please.”

The advertisement for Beefeater is well crafted making it both psychologically as well as visually appealing to its consumer. In the advertisement, Beefeater attempts to attract more women to its brand which is more popular to male consumers. The impression created by this striking woman is effective because it makes the potential consumer feel that by drinking Beefeater Martinis, she can stand out for individuality while also exhibiting a sophisticated sexiness, unlike other alcohol brands.
In this advertisement, there are many “draws” to attract the consumer. The visual element used is the attractive woman who stands in the center of the page wearing British guard attire. She is quite conservative with her upper-body very well concealed ; yet, she also wears a skirt baring her legs indicating she is confident. This shows the consumer that she is getting noticed not only for her looks and subdued yet scandalous clothing, but also she is type of woman who is capable of attracting a certain type of who is upscale, successful, and attracted to women who “stand out”. The slogan reads “A bold spirit always stands out”; it is clear here that the appeal is to be bold and proud, showing that you are an emotionally strong woman. Another aspect to her attire is that she is dressed as a British Guard and one can connect it to the date and origin of the drink in 1820, also printed on the page. But through history the reader knows that a woman would not be a queen’s guard. This woman in the contemporary ad is making a bold statement...she would and could have done the job of that man. The advertisement is appealing to a feminist woman for sure. Yet, it reaches out to many young women today because it uses an interesting combination of visual, verbal, emotional, and psychological tact's.
This ad is targeted for women in their mid-twenties to thirties and they are...

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