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Advertisement And How It Appeals To Men, Women, And Society

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Advertisement and how it appeals to men, women, and society
Companies use advertisements try to entice people buy their merchandise. When people see ads whether it’s in a magazine, on television or anywhere else, society gets the need to go out and buy it. Is it to hard for us to resist the temptation of having something new. There is no reason why we have to have it. A person sees it and wants to go buy it and as soon as someone does here comes something new that we want. Advertisers target consumers by creating illusions and desires in which people help them because they have brand loyalty. Also America as a society create false identities about ourselves which in the long run the need for all these things create credit debt and problems for us. Sports Illustrated it’s audiences identities by having ads in there that gives it’s readers a false impression that the things in there will increase there athletic performance.

Advertisers can use whatever they can to sell the goods that they have and will try to sell it in any way they can and where ever they can. Sex is one example of how advertisers sell their goods. Sex can sell anything from clothes, underwear, cigarettes, and more in any way shape or form. For example, in Sports illustrated they have and ad that has a nice looking girl holding a twix candy bar. There is a reason that they put that girl in that ad because the advertisers know that the majority of people reading the magazine is male. Advertisers know that they can get a man to look at that picture or ad if they put a good looking girl in it. These ads only do one thing and that is create a desire and illusion that we can have or be like the person in the ad if we have what the ad is trying to sell. The desire that it creates is the one that is popular and we have to get it for us to be popular with our peers and that we have to have the best available that is out there. The illusion that it creates ...

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