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Away With The Insanity Defense

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Away With The Insanity Defense
The insanity defense is a rare and very controversial subject. It is basically a defense used in court, by psychotics, to get off free with a crime they committed. In order to be found innocent using the insanity defense one must prove that he was unable to notice that his actions were wrong. The most recent case that used the insanity defense was the case of Andrea Yates trial. She drowned her five children in a bathtub and said that voices told her to do it. How can a person get off free for something as heinous as this? The insanity defense should not be used in courts today and all people should pay for the crimes that they commit.
Andrea Yates drowned her five kids in a bathtub because she was afraid of the evil that might get to them in the world today. She also said that voices told her to kill her children. There is no doubt that this woman is insane. In fact, she was diagnosed as being psychotic, but there should be a line where people can not plea insanity. If she was really afraid of what the world might do to her children she should have took it upon herself to better prepare her children for the real world instead of taking them from it. Yates lost her first child at a young age and wasn’t the same from that moment on, but there should be a point where she realizes her lost, puts it into the past, and look toward the future. No one should ever know how it feels to lose their first born, but it happens everyday and it is a part of life. As for her being depressed, that is a very common reaction to losing a loved one and that is why she went to therapy. The thing that is baffling is that the woman tried to commit suicide twice and no one had paid any attention to her at all. When she was diagnosed as a psychotic, doctors should have started acting then to try and help her. When she tried to commit suicide, doctors should has shipped her ass to a mental hospital. She said ...

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