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“Why did it happen?” “How long has this been going on?” “Does this mean my relationship is over?” Many people asked themselves these questions and similar after an unfaithful partner has been discovered. There are many answers to those questions, but never a simple one. Some people are unfaithful for reasons that lie in their past, for example a history of adultery between their parents in their marriage. Others are unfaithful because of how they view the purpose of the opposite gender. You have men who believe that women are prey and should be caught and then women who believe that they cant survive without a man. These people are caught in a way of thinking about the other gender, which causes their behavior to lead to unfaithfulness. After realizing the many reasons why it could happen. It always important for the person to try to understand why it has occurred, the reason may lie within the relationship itself. Once you understand or have some sense into why it happened, you can work on ways to approach the situation. This is as important for the person being unfaithful, the partner, and the third willing participant.
After grasping a sense at what of what is going on, most psychologists suggest you try to understand the various ways a partner can be in an extramarital affair. Affairs are defined in many ways. First an affair always takes place over a period of time, it may be very emotionally charged and it may or may not involve sexual intercourse. Also, an affair can have a sexual involvement and not be part of an emotional attachment, but it may also include it. Once a committed relationship is established, if there is a secret sexual and romantic involvement outside of the relationship, it is experienced as an infidelity.
We can best understand any act by openly considering many factors that are involved. It may also help to know whether there was a strong emotional bond between your mate and t...

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