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Alexander Hamilton

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Alexander Hamilton
Alexander Hamilton began his impressive career in March of 1777 after meeting General George Washington. He joined Washington’s’ personal staff, as his personal secretary and confidential aide. Hamilton proved his loyalty to Washington on more then one occasion, but as the need for the military diminished so did Hamilton. On December 14, 1780, he married Elizabeth Schuyler and established a life with eight children. After studying law for three months in Albany he opened a law office on 57 Wall Street. He also served congress from 1782 to 1783. He also founded the bank of New York in February of 1784. During George Washington’s presidency, Hamilton became the first secretary of the Treasury. He was now responsible for establishing credit of the United States. Hamilton sometimes overstepped the limits of his office interfering with other departments. For example, a difference in opinion with Jefferson during the French Revolution. Hamilton advocated neutrality, which Washington accepted and on April 22, 1793 announced that they would remain neutral during the conflict overseas. On January 31, 1795 Hamilton resigned from his position as the Secretary of Treasury and went back to his law firm in New York. On July 25, 1798 at the age of forty-three he returned to active duty in the military under the supervision of Washington. He served in the army until June 2, 1800. After Washington’s death the Federalist Party became divided between John Adams and Alexander Hamilton. After Adams became President Hamilton wrote a personal attack on the president that contained much confidential cabinet information. Although this pamphlet was only intended for private usage the pamphlet was obtained by Aaron Burr and published, Hamiltons’ political and legal rival. Hamilton had done a few things to make Burr upset with him, first he demolished burrs hopes of completing a foreign mission. He ended Burrs hopes of becoming pres...

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