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Adaptation Of Historic Costuming

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The Mesopotamians wore the use of tassels, fringe and wrapped garments. Today Harpers Bazaar shows the same style garments, which are now considered the “Winter Wonders” of the Fall/Winter collection in the 21st century.

History of Costume, pg.19
Bazaar Magazine, Oct `02 pg.228


Egyptians used a plain, basic yet classical style of sheer draping linen for their garments. In today’s fashion world we wear the same garments to awards ceremonies that are designed by the top designers of this today’s fashion industry.

History of Costume, pg.40
In Style, Aug `02 pg.101


The Cretans were known for their open bodices and tiered skirts, the pictures that are shown above are the same type of garments designed for the 21st century, I think that the open bodices are becoming extremely popular along with the short skirts in today’s world of appeal.

History of Costume, pg.63
Bazaar, Sept `02 pg.17
IN Style, Aug `02 pg.264


“ It’s not about what you wear; it’s about how you wear it and interpret it,” Greek garments were made of fine linen that was very clingy to the body without being too revealing. Belting and blousing can shorten the Chilton; Christian Dior portrays this classic draping fashion.

History of Costume, pg.83
Bazaar, Jul `02 pg.311
Oct `02 pg.253


“This artfully draped dress is nothing short of a Greek myth.” That was a quote by a designer on this particular garment above. The roman toga is a about six to eight feet long, the garment often has many layers, a fine look that was adapted so long ago in the Romans era.

History of Costume, pg.102
Elle, Jun `02 pg.111
Jun `02 cover


Britney Spears is wearing beautiful garments that are covered with jewels, embroidery and brocades, just as the Byzantines wore, although it was a sign a luxury then, in some ways I guess it still...

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