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A Room Of One's Own

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The Argument of Virginia Woolf

A Room of One’s Own is a story of a women named Mary, she is the narrator of Virginia Woolf and tells the story in first person form. She is a woman in the early 1900’s that realizes how bad and unequal women are treated in society. The purpose of this story is to show how women need to maintain leisure time, money, and a room of her own so that she can become a writer. A major attribute of her writing is not to be discriminated by people in society. Her thesis addresses the problems women face in society. However, that when people read her or essay that they would come to realize that women are able to make many of the same things and ideas as men. A Room of One’s Own culmination of two speeches given by Virginia Woolf at women conferences to speak on the topic of women. She managed to get the point across as the book made many people of the era confused, mad, and unhappy with the speech.
The first section of the book took place at “Oxbridge”, which stands for Oxford and Cambridge Universities. Not to offend or directly point out the sources of people or things, even though it did. She is located by a creek and is pondering women and writing “thought…had let its line down into the stream.”(p.5) Her ideas are representative by a fishing pole in the stream waiting for a tug of an idea by the fish. Before she could reel in the idea that nibbled on the end of the line, she was interrupted by a man named Beadle. Beadle is a university security guard who enforces the rule in which, women are not allowed to be on the grass at the campus. He tells her to move to the gravel were she loses her idea. This is representative of an authority figure trying to keep the female society in order. She is not allowed to enter the library were she wanted to read an idea that had dawned on her in a very sophisticated way. In anger and frustration she says “Never will I ask for that hospi...

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