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Anorexia Nervosa

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Anorexia Nervosa is a mental disorder (Eating Disorders) that is growing rapidly in today's society. The definition of Anorexia is a loss of appetite; although, Anorexia is essentially about weight rather than eating. Anorexia is self-induced starvation to the point of extreme, and deadly weight loss. Anorexics commonly claim they have no appetite because if they eat normal amounts of food they fear they will gain weight, and if they gain weight they will be considered fat. Most victims of the disease self consciously feel that they have to reach ultimate thinness and, since there is no model of what ultimate thinness is, these victims suffer because they are trapped in an endless quest of a weight that is lowered, and lowered as the disease progresses.
Eating Disorders are not about weight, food, or obsession of appearance those are just symptoms. Eating Disorders have many causes:
*Fear of independence or growing up,
ยท Insecurity and low self-esteem,
* feelings of, or real lack of control over one's life,
* sexual trauma and/ or abuse,
* the need to relieve anxiety and stress in one's life,
* major life changes or crises (i.e. puberty, death of a significant other, location changes, etc.)
* peer pressure/ media encouragement of thinness.
I discovered from a study run by ANAD that as of 1996 that 86% of all reported victims had reached their illness before the age of 20. Experts now estimate that 1 of every 100 women between the ages of 12 and 25 suffers from anorexia. As well the study showed that men develop eating disorders; although, the frequency of such cases is less common, with only 10% of all anorexic being men. Statistics used in the book, The Thin Disguise, written by Pam Vredevelt, Dr. Deborah Newman, Dr. Harry Beverly and Dr. Frank Minirth, showed that 1% to 3% of females will have anorexia at one point in their lives. As well the book stated that there is also an extremely high tende...

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