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The development of most parts of Africa is far behind due to some serious reasons. There are many places that are lacking water making the conditions very dusty and tough to manage if you weren’t accustom to it. Animal waste added upon these conditions has led to the development of HIV and other illnesses. Over 11 million people are affected with HIV in Africa as a 1994 estimate has shown. In many cases people have been affected with a combination of illnesses that has caused the same problems as HIV because each illness would affect a different area of the body. With conditions like this and the uncontrollable spread of diseases by mosquitoes things look grim for the future. For this reason many geographers have concluded that there is a better chance of development of diseases than there is development of life.
A new product has been developed that seems to be the only answer to the problem of diseases and other illnesses. Sleeping under bed nets seems to be the only answer to this problem. Until people become more educated and aware of these problems this seems to be the only answer to a lagging problem. There’s over 300 million citizens infected with Malaria and this number will continue to increase if precautions aren’t taken as soon as possible....

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