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ADHD: What Is It And How Is It Treated?

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“Are you listening to me?” “Wait your turn!”, and “can’t you sit still?” are a few of the most common phrases heard today by diagnosed ADHD individuals. Attention- Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is characterized by two types of symptoms: inattention and hyperactivity-impulsivity. After some research, a solution to ADHD was found. Children with learning disabilities are given the chance to correct their problem with prescribed medication, but all it is doing is hurting the individuals because it has many side effects.
Some of the symptoms which can be found in a diagnosed individual include excessive fidgets or squirms, difficulty remaining seated, easily distracted difficulty awaiting turn in games, blurts out answers to questions, difficulty following instructions, difficulty sustaining attention, shifts from one activity to another, difficulty playing quietly, often talks excessively, often interrupts, often does not listen to what is said, often looses things, and often engages in dangerous activities. Including the above-mentioned symptoms, young adults that suffer from ADHD are “. . . twice as likely to be cited for unlawful speeding, have more crashes, and more accidents involving bodily injury.” (Millichap 173) Determining these symptoms lead to the so-called ADHD individual.

Although some say ADHD, along with ADD, is a disease, that statement is a myth. There are four types of diseases, infectious/ contagious, which needs a germ to be spread and found, trauma, which requires an outside insult to the body, systemic, which needs cells/chemicals to malfunction and cannot increase in percentage of cases in succeeding generations (ADD has risen 400-500% in ten years), and the non genetic disease and the non-genetic disease require a toxic change in the environment. ADHD does not fall under the described categories of diseases. Also, a lab test can produce results showing disease in the body, but there is no ...

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