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When comparing the movie “The Witness” and the book “Crimson Stains” you have to ask yourself, are these accounts accurate sources? Even though the situations in both were decently similar with the idea of a murder and an Amish person being involved, they are both very different. It is hard to really say whether or not the depiction in “The Witness” is completely accurate, but in “Crimson Stain,” all events were can be researched and found rather easily, mainly because the story told in “Crimson Stains” was a true story and murder, “The Witness” was nothing but a Hollywood production.
“The Witness” as it is described in the Webster’s Dictionary means, a person who has seen, heard, or experienced something; something serving as proof or evidence, to see or hear something; to give proof or evidence of; to give testimony (1999 Edition). There is only one problem though with that definition and the movie. Samuel Lapp was the one who saw the murder and
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John Book wanted to protect the small Amish boy. In the movie the authorities had no circumstantial evidence from the murder and no evidence at all of Samuel Lapp. John Book’s partner destroyed all of the incriminating evidence that could possibly link a witness to the murder of the undercover agent. Adding to the disarray, no one really knew where this key witness lived. These fallacies were the only shortcomings in the movie; this is where the “Hollywood effect” comes into play. What would a movie be without a great big drawn out production of drama? It was the drama that made the movie un-realistic to me.
The movie was very accurate on the depictions of everyday Amish life. Living in Pennsylvania it is not uncommon to see Amish people in everyday life, so I feel that I am “in the know” of the Amish culture. I especially enjoyed the part when Eli takes Samuel to school and Eli parked his buggy right there on the street just...

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