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A Critique of Stephen King on Why We Crave Horror Movies

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A Critique of Stephen King on Why We Crave Horror Movies

Stephen King gives his feelings and reasoning as why we as human enjoy watching people being punish. The title, “Why We Crave Horror Movies,” is a writing that King argues that we as humans are mentally ill. Many cant provide a defense that we don’t enjoy horror movies, but many people can make a defense of why they watch these movies. Although I agree on a lot of the points Stephen King makes, I also don’t agree with him totally.

In Stephen writing on “ Why We Crave Horror Movies,” Stephen argues the point that we as people are “daring our nightmares.” Stephen ask the question “Why”, and gives good examples for them. He suggest that the reasoning for this is that many people try to overcome their nightmares and try to prove to themselves that they are able to overcome the nightmares. I’m able to relate to the claims that Stephen makes on why we watch these horror films, because I have been to movies here I tried to overcome some of my fears.

While I can relate to why I watch horror films, I cant relate to Stephen’s reasoning that we as humans like to watch others suffer as entertainment. I believe many people go to see this movies because it is something outside our realm, that it unrealistic to the ways we live our daily lives, and this creates an excitement on what different my be. I don’t support Stephen views that we like to see others get hurt, but its entertainment to realize that most of the time the move is a Fairytale, so we as the people don’t act as though the people being hurt or killed are one of us but are not human beings.

Stephen also makes a point that there is a “ potential lyncher is in almost of us,” which I agree with to a degree. There are different levels of people who unleash their emotions, but to use the word as lyncher, I believe takes it to far. I believe many people in times in their life do let ...

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