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Analytical Response: “PROOF“ Starring Hugo Weaving

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ANALYTICAL TEXT RESPONSE: Proof starring Hugo Weaving
Explain why Martin has so much trouble in trusting anyone

“Martin. Fingers are not the same as eyes, you can’t just touch people whenever you want to……….it is rude”. This quote came from Martins mother, when she was lying in bed asleep and awoke to Martin’s little fingers touching her face. After this particular incidence it is quite evident that this is where all Martin’s problems started, all which were brought on by his mother. As he was a child growing up with a disability, his blindness and this was one that his mother couldn’t accept. All the flashbacks relating back to his mother and childhood return to the house where he grew up. All were indoors indicating that his mother was ashamed of him and restrained him - in both his movement and affection from this he has gone into adulthood chronically doubting many people and things “I never went out with my mother. She was embarrassed of me”.

When Martins mother told him that he had to go away and stay with his grand-parents, because she was dying, he didn’t want to believe her, even right up until the day of her funeral he still couldn’t accept the fact that she had died, he needed proof. In the movie when he was quite grown-up he was still questioning his mothers death and funeral. He even went and revisited the cemetery where she was buried. Being a small child he believed that his mother hated him and was so ashamed of him that she couldn’t stand to see him anymore. This is where his distrust of people hatred and negativity to women started to form. He had learnt to fear that getting to close to someone, would result in abandonment.

Martin’s inability to trust anyone all relates back to his mother. This is evident because of the negativity that is shown towards his housekeeper, Celia who plays the role of a mother, and housewife, who treats him with conspicuous abhorrenc...

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