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America’s Educational Infrastructure

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America’s educational infrastructure is the embodiment of all social programs plagued with fundamental flaws. The problem is that I see far too many problems, yet offer few answers. Today’s educational systems seem so trendy and political. It almost seems like we should not get comfortable with any one way of doing things because policies and procedures change so often. My own philosophy is one that many people have heard of, “If it’s not broken, then don’t fix it!”.
Upon reading some of the views towards education, I gathered a few ideas. Each philosophy is presented very attractively. And why not? The people who set forth these particular ideas were very passionate about what they believed in. Unfortunately, we could all debate about the different philosophical views of education until we are blue in the face. This still doesn’t actually make any one opinion better than any of the others. We all have opinions, but what we need is common ground between them. Hopefully, that is what my educational philosophy stands for.
I would like to start off with the subjects we study in school. Subjects should be functional to today’s world. Our educational system is far more diverse today than it has ever been, and our subject matter should reflect that. The reality of the subjects studied in school, should also reflect upon the reality in each student’s environment. Reality can change, because environments change. Textbooks and literature become somewhat obsolete after a while because our culture changes so rapidly. That is not to say that classic pieces of literature are not of use in the classroom, but each literary product presented in the classroom should hold some information that is relatively useful for all of the students.
I believe that religion is something for outside of the classroom. There are far too many religious beliefs in the world to accommodate all of them, so that is an area best left alone. This le...

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