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Advantages of Online Learning

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Advantages of online learning
Small class size means one-on-one instructor guidance and personalized communication. The big difference is that there's no classroom to go to. There's no commute. You'll never have conflicts with family obligations, business travel or vacations. There's no chance of arriving late or missing a class because of illness. You don't even have to comb your hair if you don't want to!
Ignore the clock. Come whenever it's convenient for you. Your course is conducted according to a schedule, but there are no "live" classes to attend. Instead, lectures, coursework, assignments, questions, discussion, all take place at your convenience - online. Plus, you'll receive personalized instructor feedback, and share insights and information with fellow online students.
You choose the hour of day (or night) to attend class. You choose the place - at home, at work - wherever you have access to a computer, modem and an Internet Service Provider (ISP). Except for turning in assignments when they're due, your schedule is totally up to you.
It is basically quality education without giving up quality time. Online courses are an exceptionally accessible, flexible resource whether your goal is professional advancement, personal enrichment or earning transferable degree credits.
You'll get the same high-quality instruction and course content that you demand, but without the day-to-day obstacles that prevent so many of us from pursuing our opportunities. Universities should start offering most of their classes online. Teachers could have more free time and in turn become better teachers....

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