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An Observation

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I observed a 4-year old program.
A. When I got there they were eating lunch and they all seemed to be very active there were 3 boys that were quite riled up and the teacher handled it by splitting them up and just talking in a quiet voice. They then lined up after eating and emptied their trays and milk cartons and walked to their lockers and put their lunch bags in them, by themselves. When we got to the classroom they had a bit of free play time and I observed quite a bit of sharing and cooperating for the most part. And they all cleaned up after themselves. When the teacher sang the clean up song. They then got out their carpets (pieces of carpet that had their names on the back) and put them on the floor and sat on them waiting for the teacher to start circle time. They did the calendar by having the leader come up and point to the numbers on it and they then told him what number came next. Next they said the days of the week and counted the children. After counting the children the teacher held up owls with a child's name on it and the children knew almost all the names by recognizing the letters in the name. After that was all done they read a weekly reader. This was very interesting they were able to pick out the right fire truck on the pages when the teacher said the name of it. And listened very attentively. They then colored and played some more and the ones who were coloring colored firedogs to bring to the fire station with them when they went. I watched as the children played and decided what they wanted to do. Some wanted to play with blocks and others wanted to play house, and they were asking others to play with them.

This classroom was very open and not very demanding. I thought that the children had a lot of fun while playing and learned a lot also. Like for instance they learned the important rules of fire safety because the teacher had set up a fire station work area. And also by playing together with blocks or...

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