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Action That Leads To Satisfaction

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Action that Leads to Satisfaction

As Herbert Spencer eloquently puts it “The great aim of education is not knowledge but action.” Aspiring students for universities begin and plan their future long before applications are sent in. There are many intelligent people, who lack degrees and bachelors, that do not live financially stable. To reach the full potential of an education and live financially stable, students must make sacrifices and important decisions. Such decisions that are well deliberated and sacrifices that put work before play. In the long road to success, those judgments create responsible habits and a steady future.
A student with goals in mind carries a confident attitude. As soon as a student is willing to educate himself, he can act in response to future goals. Many characteristics of a leader, are the same that are found within a dedicated student. Patience, responsibility, and self-determination are the essentials to maintaining a positive frame of mind. It is extremely important that the parents take an active role in the child‘s learning and instill good study habits and influence a child to learn. Within the first five years, the child begins and learns the rudiments of an education. This attitude is carried with the child throughout his academic career. The process of becoming well educated is long and tedious, and begins around the time the student steps foot into middle school. While there, more independence is given to the student with the options of choosing from a catalog of courses. Electives can provide a creative outlet, such as art and music, or can help you in the business world internationally, such as Spanish or French. In high school, students study long and work hard to be accepted into the university of their choice. High school students actively participate to plan out their future. Students are well aware of what the requirements are for certain colleges and what is ne...

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