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Is Immigration Threatening America?
I am proud to say “I am an American.” I was born and raised in the United States, and my parents were also born here. Generations ago my ancestors came to America. They risked their lives with hopes and dreams of the fresh soil America had to offer. To them it was the dream of freedom and prosperity as it still is today. If someone wants to immigrate to America they should be allowed to as our ancestors were because they are not threatening our country; however, there needs to be specific rules on who can immigrate and when, and illegal immigration must be decreased through easier legal immigration.
Allowing immigrants to flee their homeland for a chance in America is a controversial subject. Many Americans believe they steal our jobs, and live off our hard-earned money through welfare and other government related programs. America is being overcrowded, and we have enough poverty and crime. Not to mention immigrants have no hope of making it big in our “high-tech economy” and “poorly educated and unsophisticated immigrants have little hope of following their predecessors into the middle class” (Topolnicki 225). Many people believe we should close our borders and ban anyone from coming to America.
Like yesterday’s immigrants, the newcomers choose America because it offers a chance to prosper. “The very act of pulling up stakes and moving to a foreign country indicates that you have initiative and want to better your self” (226). Immigrants are not only bettering themselves, but they are also prospering and will continue to over the years. "The vast majority of immigrants – legal and illegal-are doing well, or at least striving to pave the way for their children to live better lives” (225).
Immigrants do not take away from American jobs. “Basic economic logic suggests that even when a new arrival takes a job, the money he earns and spends will in turn create a job or so...

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