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Global Perspectives of Sept. 11

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On September 11 2001, Americans awoke to find our country under attack. The country went into a state of shock. Many including myself kept on asking, who could of done such a thing to the United States and why? After the initial shock Americas next step was to find a way to respond to these acts of war. But how can this be done, and what will be the response of the rest of the world? Well as every paper, or TV. Newscast shows, the rest of the world is reacting in many different fashions, either through global unity, state primacy or cultural pluralism. In the following paper I will show how these responses are already evident in the responses of various acts, and also how I think the proper way of responding to the acts of war using these perspectives.

The first perspective that I will examine is Global Unity. Global unity is very important in the way the United States is responding to the acts of terrorism against them. Presidents from across the globe including Britain, France, Germany, and Saudi Arabia, among others, have come to America about forming an alliance against terrorism (6). I feel this is essential to the success on ending the taliban, and other terrorist groups through out the country. However these alliances are not very highly looked upon by many extreme Muslim groups who have already promised violence against countries such as Indonesia if support is given to the United States (6).

Another way that global unity has affected the way the United States has responded to the attacks is through America’s tendency to bully around other countries through a form of global unity referred to as paternalism (13). Countries like Pakistan for instance were told they risked “very grave consequences” in they didn’t support the
United States campaign to go after Osama bin Laden, the alleged organizer of the attacks on the United States (11). President W bush went as far as to warn other countries of the consequence...

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