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A Lesson I've Learned

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During the course of a lifetime, everyday life throws many obstacles our way. Many of these obstacles have potential to change our lives in either big ways or little. Many of these obstacles are caused by decisions that were made, but may have not been the greatest ideas. The consequences of these mistakes can ruin trust, break friendships, even do as much as cause bodily harm to ourselves as well as others. There are no ways to prevent accidents. The particular lesson I chose to write changed the way I drive. I learned my most significant lesson so far in life, when I was 17. I was in a car accident with two of my friends (Juan and T.J.) who were also 17. T.J. was hurt bad and it was my fault.
The Tuesday that Juan, T.J., and I left Woodward High School at 1:30 pm in my 1989 Cutlass Supreme was a very warm sunny day. We just wanted to get out and enjoy the nice weather and listen to some music. We thought nothing could spoil our moods, or the great weather. That could be no further from the truth. Everything was great as we drove to Juan’s house on Bancroft and locust listening to music. I was driving Juan was in the passenger seat and T.J. was behind Juan. Then in the matter of seconds, our world was spinning, literally, and the damage was done. I stopped at a stop sign, on page and locust, looked both ways, and pressed the gas pedal. Not even halfway through the intersection another car (that must have been too far down the street for me to see) hit me on the passenger side causing my car to spin all the way around, and caused my friend T.J. to go into a seizure immediately. I was terrified as I looked back and saw T.J. shaking tremendously his eyes rolled in the back of his head. I quickly got out of the car so Juan could get out on my side also because the passenger side was smashed to where the door wouldn’t open. As soon as Juan got out of the car he instantaneously tried to get T.J. out, but T.J. was to...

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