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A Bum Rap

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A Bum Rap
It’s interesting how most people tend to categorize others into groups by certain personality traits. At one time or another, everyone is guilty of this kind of stereotyping as a means to describe someone else. In many instances, the person being evaluated is not even known. Who are only being judged on appearance, or by a quick glance from across the room. In these cases, the shy person is typically evaluated unfairly, compared to the outgoing person, who gives others the opportunity to make accurate impressions of them. Curiously, the shy person is generally branded with an unflattering reputation, even though they are quiet and well-mannered individuals.
Shy people are very attentive and trustworthy listeners. A person can tell them anything, even their deepest secrets. They will give their undivided attention to a person, revealing nothing of what is spoken. However, a outgoing loudmouth will interrupt at any given chance to repeatedly force their uniformed opinions on anyone who will listen. They cannot be trusted. The urge to gossip is too tantalizing for them to pass up.
The shy person is wrongfully bestowed with the title of snob, simply because they value other’s privacy, as well as their own. The shy person always minds their own business as well. Shy people do not have to be surrounded by a crowd to show they are well liked. They enjoy the ability to attain their personal space. At times, they even are said to be antisocial, which is far from the truth. This is a label put on them out of spite, by the ongoing nuisance. The outgoing person thrived on being the center of attention at any cost, or degradation to someone else. They believe they are always in the right, no matter what the situation may be. Even if they’re consciously aware they are wrong, they are still right. Shy, people are always able to admit when they are wrong.
I school, the shy person is commonly misconstrued as an ...

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