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AOL Time Warner Merger

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Term Paper On AOL & Time-Warner Merger

Financial Management

AOL-Time Warner, Inc. is a fully integrated, Internet-powered media and communications company. The Company was formed in connection with the merger of America Online, Inc. (America Online) and Time Warner Inc. (Time Warner), which was consummated on January 11, 2001 (the Merger). As a result of the Merger, America Online and Time Warner each became wholly owned subsidiaries of AOL Time Warner.

Business areas

The Company classifies its business interests into fundamental areas comprised of America Online, consisting principally of interactive services, Web brands, Internet technologies and electronic commerce; Cable, consisting principally of interests in cable television systems; Filmed Entertainment, consisting principally of interests in filmed entertainment and television production; Networks, consisting principally of interests in cable television and broadcast television networks; Music, consisting principally of interests in recorded music and music publishing; and Publishing, consisting principally of interests in magazine publishing, book publishing and direct marketing.


Time Warner Entertainment Company, L.P. (TWE) was formed in 1992 to own and operate substantially all of the business of Warner Bros., Home Box Office and the cable television businesses owned and operated by Time Warner prior to such date. Currently, the Company, through its wholly owned subsidiaries, owns general and limited partnership interests in 74.49% of the pro rata priority capital (Series A Capital) and residual equity capital (Residual Capital) of TWE and 100% of the junior priority capital. The remaining 25.51% limited partnership interests in the Series A Capital and Residual Capital of TWE are held by MediaOne TWE Holdings, Inc., a subsidiary of AT&T Corp. (AT&T). The Company and AT&T have been engaged in discussions regarding AT&T's interest in...

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