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Administrative Agencies

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Report on Administrative Web Sites

● Administrative Agency: California Agricultural Labor Relations Board
● Website:
• CA State Administrative Agency

● Description
The California Agricultural Labor Relations Board came into effect on August 28, 1975 to enforce and oversee the California Agricultural Labor Relations Act. The farmers were posing a threat which could have incurred problems with California’s agricultural economy. The Agency contains five Board members and a General Counsel; all of whom are appointed by the Governor and overlooked by the Senate. This Board is responsible for infractions based on the practices of free exercise of employee rights declared in the Labor Relations Act. The Board may take a case to an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ’s), who will issue a written decision with respect to fact and laws raised by either party. The ALRB seeks to prevent unfair labor practices on all parties.

● Links and Information Relating to Business Type
There are four main links contained within this website. A contact list containing all Board members, the General Counsel, Regional Directors, and the ALJ unit is available to any person seeking information on the ALRB or filing a complaint against a certain party. An Information page containing recent Mandatory Mediation and Conciliation by Governor Gray Davis. This page also contains notices of proposed Regulatory Actions as well as the most current Effective Regulatory Changes. You may also find the Annual Reports and Executive Summaries on this page. The search page will allow any person questioning the regulations and decisions of the ALRB to search through a Case Decision Index and a Case Digest. The last link will provide any persons interested with information concerning employment within the ALRB.

● Issues Addressed and Usefulness
I found that this website did provide information on the curre...

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