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Accounting Articles

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I recently read an article out of the Dayton Business Journal, entitled “Accounting Office goes Paperless.” Brady Ware, an accounting office in Dayton, has eliminated paper and pencil accounting in their office and has switched to a totally computer based accounting office system. This transformation is expected to substantially decrease the amount of money spent on paper, as well as lessen the time used for handling paper and searching for files, so that accountants may focus on the customers’ needs instead.
I think that this is a great revolution for accounting firms as well as for other businesses; more companies should follow Brady Ware’s lead. There are only a few businesses ready to jump into computer technology, at this magnitude, at this point in time, but those businesses that have, are seeing the positive affects that this technology has on a business. One great example is the cost of paper. In a field where ultimately everything is done on paper, the costs can become excruciating. In this article one expert says, “Paper is a huge cost to businesses and an unnecessary burden.” Utilizing computers can change this burden. Rather than writing everything out and then having to store it in file cabinets, with a computer you simply type in all your information and then store it right there, no paper necessary. Businesses will spend less money on paper and storage units, which (in a perfect world) would be great from employees because Businesses could use the extra money on better employee benefits and pay raises. People may not realize it, but I think that computerized systems make work less stressful. You would never lose files, because they are in the computer; never have to go digging through file cabinets; no more filing, you would have everything at the tips of your fingers. It would be great!
In this article they also discussed how most of the employees at Brady Ware were having negative attitudes towards ...

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