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Acheiving Goals

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A goal as defined in Webster’s New Encyclopedic Dictionary is “a strong desire to achieve something”. When I first heard of University of Phoenix, I was extremely excited to pursue my ultimate goal in life, to obtain a bachelor’s degree in a small amount of time. The pop up message from University of Phoenix stating “turn your goal into achievements … isn’t it time you achieve the success you deserve?” encouraged me to contact the Phoenix counselor. When I first spoke to the counselor, I was overwhelmed by the information given to me. Attending a prestigious school such as the University of Phoenix will allow me to accomplish my goals at a pace that fits my busy schedule. University of phoenix enables its students to acquire knowledge, think critically, communicate clearly, and lead effectively so they may enjoy fulfilling lives and successful careers. A challenging and caring institutional environment encourages and supports students as they recognize and develop their potential.
An extremely distinguished faculty, a milieu replete with academic activity, and an excellent online business management program which blends high quality course work and research facilities at the cutting edge of every sub-field are the factors which have motivated me to choose Phoenix University as my choice for Bachelors studies. I believe the program offered will help me acquire the versatility needed to reach my full potential.
Due to the practical curriculum offered by the University of Phoenix, I am able to work full-time, maintain a social and professional life without conflicting my personal life, and study at the same time. By managing my time efficiently, I can complete my Bachelor’s in Business from University of Phoenix and then pursue my goals for a better career and eventually a better life. Also, I am hoping that as a University of Phoenix student, I will learn to manage my time wisely. Juggling work and school is no piec...

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