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A String In The Harp

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The String in the Harp
By Nancy Bond
This story takes place in Amherst, Wales around the 1970’s. The main characters in this story are first David Morgan, he is the father, and then there’s his oldest daughter Jen, which is fifteen, then Becky, which is her ten-year-old sister. Then there’s Peter. Peter is their only brother. He is twelve years old. Then there is the ghost of Taliesin, the sixth century Bard.
David Morgan gets this job as a teacher at the University of Wales and has to move there from Amherst, Massachusetts. His children go with him but his oldest daughter, Jen stays. But then realizes that she misses her family, so she arrives in Wales a few months later. Then she has too look after her brother and sisters while her father is at work. Then one day they were walking down a beach and Peter finds this metal object, later he learns that it is a harp-tuning key. He doesn’t tell anyone about it, not even his family. Ever since his mom died, Peter doesn’t really talk to anyone anymore. But he reads a lot and is very intelligent. Now with this key, Peter sees Taliesin’s important events in his life. Peter sees these events as if they were really happening right in front of his eyes.
One day when Peter is experiencing one of Taliesin’s events in his room, his sister comes in and sees it also. Then the next day they go to town to this library. Jen shows the key to this guy and he wants the key because it’s very valuable. But Jen and Peter don’t give it to him.
Then later the key really starts to show Taliesin’s life and Peter gets taken into his time dimension but leaves the key. Then Jen notices that Peter is gone but the Key is still there. So she picks it up and she sees Peter in a cage and Taliesin is telling her to give him the key or else Peter will die. The place she sees Peter is a place she has been before which was right down the road from their house. So she brings the key...

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