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A Rose For Emily

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Before this class I had heard of A Rose for Emily, but I had never read it. To be honest, I don’t completely understand it. At first Miss Emily seems like a depressed person who is in mourning, but as the story goes along she never changes. She never gets over her mourning.
When the people of the town see her with Homer Baron, they see her through a different light. She seems to have found someone with whom she will share her life. They town people think that that they will be married and at one point they think that they did get married. But then he disappears and everyone think that he has left her. Years later when Miss Emily dies, they find out that they were wrong. Homer never left her. He died there in the house. This is where I am confused. Miss Emily’s gray hair is in the bed next to him. There is an imprint of a head on the pillow next to him. This would lead me to think that she had been lying in the bed next to him. If so, this would mean she was loving and couldn’t let go of him. She had a hard time letting go of her father after his death. Maybe she decided that she wasn’t going to let go again because of the lo9neliness that she had felt.
She did buy arsenic before she met him. This leaves open the possibility, that she poisoned him. I think that it was the first thought. I think that Miss Emily loved Homer and she didn’t want to be alone so she didn’t let him go. She sound like she was probably lonely and depressed after her dad died. Homer was the other man that had been in her life. She didn’t want to be alone again....

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