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A Raisin In The Sun

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I believe that Lorraine Hansberry is trying say that the African American Women’s experience has been tough. Many women living in the United Stated during segregation, mainly African-American had hard times supporting their families. Also I think she is trying to say that they had many unpleasant experiences, but they also had some nice experiences too. Another thing I believe she is trying to say is they are determined.

There are three main African-American women in the book who all struggle in different ways to help their family. All three have similar problems and a difficult path to walk. One woman is Lena Younger or Mama. Mama has a very difficult path to walk in the play; one of those hardships on the path is living in a crowded apartment with her children, daughter-in-law, and grandson. Mama and Ruth, one of the other African-American women, were friends from the beginning of the play. Both women lived with Walter Lee Younger, a drunkard, dreamer, and often a very picky, unpleasant man to be with. Beneatha, Mama’s daughter, wants to be a doctor and does not agree with Mama on many things, such as God. In conclusion, Mama wants to have a house and please her family, though all Ruth wants is for Travis to be happy, and Beneatha wants to marry Asagai and become a doctor. That leads us into our next paragraph about how they cope with their problems.

All three women have bumpy paths and problems to cope with. Mama has the insurance money and what to do with it is fought over by her family. Finally Mama decides to put a down payment on a two-story house with a garden, because she has always wanted a garden. Even though Mama bought a nice house, the white neighborhood that it was in was not very friendly. A representative from Clybourne Park (the neighborhood in which the house is) came to the apartment telling the Youngers that the neighborhood does not want them to move in. This upsets the whole family. Thou...

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