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Valeriano Weyler

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General Valeriano Weyler was born in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. He was also educated there. Weyler followed his father’s footsteps. His father was a military doctor, so he started a military career. Weyler graduated from the Infantry school in Toledo and by age 20 he had attained the rank of lieutenant. He served in Cuba and organized a group of volunteers for some sort of reason. In 1878 Weyler was made a general. In 1895 he was given the Grand Cross-of Maria Cristina (?) for his command of troops in the Philippines. In 1896 when rebellion was very popular at the time for in Cuba, Weyler was named governor with full powers to suppress the insurgency and return the island to political order and the sugar industry to greater profitability. First, Weyler was greatly frustrated by the same reasons that had made victory difficult for all generals of traditional standing armies fighting against an insurgency (rebellion). While the Spanish troops marched in regulation and required a good amount of supplies, their opponents practiced hit-and-run tactics and lived off the land, blending in with the non-combatant (No intent for war) population. He came to the same conclusions as his predecessors (People from the past) as well -- that to win Cuba back for Spain, he would have to separate the rebels from the civilians by putting the latter in safer areas, protected by loyal Spanish troops. By the end of 1897, General Weyler had relocated more than 300,000 into such reconcentration camps. Although he was successful moving vast numbers of people, he failed to provide for them. Of course, these areas became areas of hunger, disease, and starvation where thousands died from it. Even though I couldn’t find out when Weyler died, I think he died in the late 1920’s....

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